Rules & Regulations

  • All Actors/Actresses can enter as an independant or part of a studio.  

  • All competing Actors/Actresses and their teachers, must be registered for the entire workshop at the city where competing.  Entry fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • All competing Actors/Actresses must be registered for the entire workshop at the city in which they are competing. 
  • All fees are due with entry forms or at time of online registration.  

  • You may also register online if paying by credit card. Faxed or phone entries will not be accepted. 

  • Competition fees can be combined with Convention fees on one studio business check.
  • No Canadian/International checks accepted - bank money orders in US funds only.
  • Make all checks payable to: BOUNCE!
  • All competition entries must be postmarked 30 days prior to the convention. 
  • The deadline for competition changes is 4 weeks prior to the event. No changes will be accepted after this date. 
  • All competition fees are per person, per entry. 
  • An official entry form must be filled out for each routine entered. 
  • Registered teachers cannot perform in the competition. Also, teachers from a studio may not perform in their studio's routines. 
  • Actors/Actresses may compete in more than one city. 
  • All performances must appear according to their scheduled sequence unless a BOUNCE Stage Manager grants permission otherwise.
  • Judges may stop a performance in progress and request that it be repeated.  If BOUNCE's equipment fails, the studio may choose to continue or to re-do the number. If performers' equipment fails, excluding music CDs, the performance must continue or be withdrawn. 
  • Competing Actors/Actresses should be ready 30-45 minutes prior to their scheduled competition time. The Competition may run up to 45 minutes early and each performer will be expected to perform at the earlier time. 
  • Competing Actors/Actresses may enter as many categories as desired, as long as they never compete against themselves. 

  • Competing Actors/Actresses may compete in more than one city. However, if an entry wins a gold, high gold or platinum BOUNCE award in a regional, that entry cannot compete in another BOUNCE! regional.

  • Professional Actors/Actresses are welcome to the workshop and must be registered as a professional to be judged in a professioal catagory.

  • Actors/Actresses may not compete more than 3 different monologues per weekend.  

  • Registered Teachers may only compete in the Open (19+) age division. 

  • The deadline for competition changes is 2 weeks prior to the convention. No changes will be accepted after this date.

  • SETS/PROPS: Studios are responsible for the transportation, storage, set up and removal of all sets and props. Check with each venue, as fees and restrictions may apply. The use of any ‘set piece’ will require pre-approval from BOUNCE! 

  • Excessive scenery and special lighting may only be utilized with pre-approval from BOUNCE!.  

  • No dangerous props may be used during the competition (swords, fire, etc.). General props are allowed but must be taken on and off stage expeditiously. Any unnecessary delay will result in a point deduction. Have a clean-up crew ready for any “litter” left on stage.

  • Competing Actors/Actresses should be ready 30 minutes prior to their scheduled competition time. If the competition is running ahead of schedule, you will be expected to perform.

  • Competing Actors/Actresses must perform in the scheduled sequence unless special permission is granted by the M.C. Intentional manipulation of performance schedule will result in disqualification.

  • All Actors/Actresses and their teachers are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship and general support of all participants.

  • Any studio, participant or parent that abuses the designated dressing area will be disqualified. All participants are responsible for cleaning their area and properly disposing of all garbage.

  • All BOUNCE attendees authorize the use of their images in photos and video for all JR Arts Productions' purposes.




MINI DIVISION average age (8-10)

JUNIOR DIVISION average age (11-12)

TEEN DIVISION average age (13-15)

SENIOR DIVISION average age (16-18)

OPEN DIVISION average age (19+)






  • To reach the average age of an entry, add all the ages together and divide by the number of Actors/Actresses in the entry. When averaging ages always DROP THE DECIMAL POINT.  For example, if a routine averages to an age of 12.7, you would drop the decimal, therefore the routine would compete in the 11-12 yr. old age category. 


  • The average age of each entry must not drop more than one age division below the age of the oldest Actors/Actresses  in the entry, regardless of the actual average age. Example: an entry contains dancers ranging in age from 9-17, the entry may not compete younger than the 13-15 age category (one division younger than the oldest Actors/Actresses -17). 


  • Any performance with an Actor/Actress 20 years of age or older must compete in the Open age division (19+) regardless of the average age of the performance.  Performances are allowed to "age up" (compete in an age category higher than the average age).  Names and ages of all Actors/Actresses must appear on the entry form or it will not be accepted. All competing Actors/Actresses must be prepared to present proof of age should a question arise.



Friday Competition

  • If there are too many entries to perform on Saturday, anyone registering must be available to perform on Fridays after 7pm. 


Our Stage

  • The BOUNCE stage is 12’ wide x 12’ deep.


Scores & Criteria





Adjudication of Awards 

  • All entries are adjudicated by four qualified judges. The lowest score is always dropped and the three remaining scores are tallied.

  • All entries will be adjudicated by 3-4 qualified judges.  When there are four judges, the lowest score is automatically dropped.   All ties will be broken by adding the fourth judge's score.  If a tie remains after the addition of the fourth judge's score, the competition will be judged a tie.  In the event that there are only three judges, the lowest score will not be dropped.  High Gold, Gold, High Silver, Silver, and Bronze awards will be presented based on the following combined scores:


  • BIG BOUNCE! 291-300

  • HIGH GOLD 276-290

  • GOLD 261-275

  • HIGH SILVER 246-260

  • SILVER 231-245

  • BRONZE 216-230

  • All BIG BOUNCE!, High Gold, Gold, High Silver, and Silver award winners will be eligible for the 2017 Dance Recognition Awards!


Video & Photography

  • All videotaping and photography are strictly prohibited during the Workshop Classes,  Competition, & Convention Finale. This includes the use of cell phones to take videos/photos and ALL still photography with or without flash. (Disqualification could result.)

  • Professional quality photos and videos of the competition will be available for purchase.

  • Registered Teachers with proper ID will be permitted to video the last 15 minutes of Workshop Classes only.

  • All Actors/Actresses authorize the use of their image in photos and video for BOUNCE publicity and advertisement purposes.



  • Admission to the competition is free.

  • The audience will be allowed to enter and exit between performances only.  Doors will be closed during performances.



  • To see our competition fees each studio must be verified.  Click here to begin.