DRAMA-Convention will be held on Saturday and Sunday primarily 8:30-3:30 PM. DRAMA Division will have 4-6 classes per day including DANCE MOVEMENT & VOCAL. Auditions for scholarships will take place during class time. Competition will begin at 4:00 PM on Saturday.

We will also have a Broadway Agent Scouting Talent for ages 5 and up!


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Teacher Discounts

  • BRING 5-20 STUDENTS and 1 Teacher attends FREE

  • BRING 21-40 STUDENTS and 2 Teacher attends FREE

  • BRING 41-60 STUDENTS and 3 Teacher attends FREE

  • BRING 60+ STUDENTS and 4 Teachers attend free PLUS one complimentary hotel room for two nights at the host hotel!


Video Placement

Each student must submitt a ONE MINUTE video to show their dramatic range.


STEP ONE:     




Convention Etiquette

  •  Actors/Actresses are expected to always maintain professional classroom etiquette.

  • Please respect the property of our convention and hotel sites. Excess noise or loitering in areas not BOUNCE inhabited can be cause for removal. Help us maintain a pleasant relationship with our sites so that they will look forward to our return visits.

  • Chaperones are required for students age 17 or under staying in the hotel.

  • BOUNCE and housing facilities are not responsible for personal injury or property loss.

  • VIDEO RECORDING IS NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME DURING THE ENTIRE EVENT. Registered teachers only may video in workshop classes.

  • Actors/Actresses must be at least 8 years old to participate in the 2 day workshop. Workshop Age is considered as of Jan 1, 2018  for the entire 2018 season, for Regionals and Nationals.  
  • Teachers are permitted access to ALL ballrooms. 
  • Registered Teachers ONLY may video in workshop classes and must be identified by their BOUNCE braclet.
  • Observers are allowed with participating ACTORS.  Observers may observe classes in the Mini-Junior and Teen-Senior ballrooms only. 
  • BOUNCE reserves the right to limit Workshop Observers within each ballroom, subject to attendance and space limitations.
  • BOUNCE! reserves the right to combine or merge levels depending on enrollment of each age division.
  • All pre-registered workshop participants will receive Certificates of Recognition. 

  • All tuitions are non-refundable - no exceptions.