Dancers who have significant competition experience, take more than 6 hours of class per week. 


Dancers who have limited competition experience, take more than 4-6 hours of class per week. 


Dancers who have little or no competition experience, take less than 4 hours of class per week.


  • Solo, 

  • Duet/Trio, 

  • Small Group (4-9 performers),

  • Large Group (10-19 performers), 

  • Line (20 or more performers)

  • BOUNCE!Line (20 or more performers; routine utilizing sizeable scenic pieces for choreographic impact or conveying a recurring theme through music or story. All BOUNCE!Lines, reguardless of level, compete against each other for Mega Line Top Score in Petite/Junior & Teen/Senior Age Classes.).

The division placement of an entry is determined by the number of contestants who actually perform that entry at the competition, regardless of the number of performers who originally entered. An entry that changes division during the competition or is unable to perform within its scheduled division time may be “adjudicated only”. Soloists may perform up to four solos at any regional competition. 


  • Solo, Duet/Trio – 2:45 min

  • Small Group – 3:00 min

  • Large Group, Line – 4:00 min

  • BOUNCE!Line – 6 min

  • Solo & Duet/Trio Extended Time – 3:15 Min (Solos, Duet/Trios)

  • Group Extended Time – 6 Min (Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines)

  • Expanded Time – 8 min (Small Groups, Large Groups, Lines, Production) (1 point will be deducted for every 5 seconds or portion thereof over the time limit.)

• Small Group/Large Group prop set ups exceeding 2 minutes automatically begin the timing of that routine. Line/Mega Line prop set ups exceeding 4 minutes automatically begin the timing of that routine (Extended or Expanded time may be necessary.) Please plan accordingly.